Education and training

Professional driver – job with a future!

Do you love variety, have a wide range of interests, enjoy dealing with people and are you looking for a job that will still be in demand in the future? Then become a professional driver and turn your hobby into a career!

Depending on the training company, you can work in local or long-distance transport. Depending on the route planning, it is quite possible that you will be on the road for one or more days. Whether by truck or by bus – but always with people. Social skills are very important here. Professional drivers benefit from a profession with a future: after all, goods and people will have to be transported in the future as well.

Training as a professional driver

The training lasts three years and ends with a final examination at the responsible Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Practical knowledge and skills are taught at the training company, while theoretical knowledge is taught at the vocational school. During your training, you will not only obtain your truck or bus driver’s licence, but – depending on the training company and specialisation – you will also receive additional qualifications such as safety training. Of course, basic commercial knowledge is also part of the curriculum. After three years of training as a professional driver, you even have the opportunity to climb the career ladder even further. After a few years on the job, you can train to become a transport technician or an industrial foreman in road transport.

Duration of training

3 years (in the company and vocational school)


You must be 17 years old and should have at least a secondary school leaving certificate. The minimum age for training as a specialist driver is 18.


Versatile. From driving the truck or bus to route planning. After the training, you are a real logistics expert!

Future prospects

Super! Europe is growing together more and more and so the transport of goods and passengers will also continue to increase. The job of a professional driver will always be in demand.

We invest in the future.

With the Fahrschule Rhön, the company Kohlhepp Logistik has founded a subsidiary in order to be prepared for future challenges. The industry is booming, the order books are well filled, but there is an increasing lack of skilled workers. Qualified professional drivers are hard to find on the market. So we have to train some ourselves. In the process, we have found that there is also a shortage of qualified warehouse and assembly specialists. Our own driving school and our training centre are only the logical consequence, where not only professional drivers are trained and further educated, but also assemblers and warehousemen

Our offer in driving licence classes B, BE, C, CE and D offers bright prospects for school leavers, retrainees and drivers who want to continue their education.

Don’t be afraid of the high costs! We take care of the financing and find a solution tailored to everyone’s individual needs.


Further training for professional drivers

In future, professional drivers will have to provide evidence of five days of further training every five years when renewing their driving licence. This will be entered in the driving licence with the key number 95. You can save costs by having the driving licence renewal and the certificate of further training entered at the same time.

Every five years, 5 further training courses of 7 hours each are required to obtain the key number 95. A rough overview of the contents of the further training is given by the so-called 5 modules.

Bus and truck modules

  • Module 1: Ecotraining
  • Module 2: Social regulations
  • Module 3: Driving safety
  • Module 4: Driver interface
  • Module 5: Load securing

However, depending on requirements, topics can also be combined with each other as desired. Further training courses lasting one or more days are possible, up to a continuous 5-day block with 7 hours per day. The further training can be spread over five years (1 day / year).

If no proof of further training is submitted with a driving licence renewal, the driving licence remains valid in its entirety. Only the code number 95 is no longer applicable and commercial transport may no longer be carried out. It is permissible to complete the various modules with different providers.

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